Shaun Francisco, 25
Vancouver, BC

Participating in a show like Canadian Idol which has such magnitude can certainly take its toll on the contestants and viewers alike, especially when you see talented people get eliminated before you think it is their time to go.

Vancouver’s 25-year-old Shaun Francisco wasn’t one of those who was sent home before getting the chance to showcase his vocal talents for all of Canada to see. And now, having made it to the Top 24 of Canadian Idol, Francisco admits it’s been a whirlwind getting this far.

“It’s been definitely an emotional rollercoaster for sure, I think that it’s been a life changing experience,” says Francisco. “This competition is honestly giving me everything I’ve ever wanted to really start out with and accomplish … it’s giving me the opportunity to accomplish what I love to do with music.”

But it wasn’t all that easy getting to where he stands now. Francisco used to sing in jazz, gospel and chamber choirs when he was younger, and also took vocal training while in high school.

He’s been around music all his life, and learned how to play the piano, drums and guitar while in high school. Francisco also tried his luck at the singing competition last season, which turned out to be quite a nerve-racking experience.

“I’ve done (this) before … but this year I was a little bit more understanding of how things worked,” he says.

Now he’s back to show the judges and all of Canada how he’s improved and that he’s ready to take his career to the next level.

“So this year it’s more of just a moment to prove myself and show that I’ve gotten better this year,” says Francisco. “I just had to work on my performance side of things, being more of an entertainment factor.”

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