Theo Tams, 22
Lethbridge, Alta.

Making it to the Canadian Idol Top 24 is a blessing for Theo Tams. And now that he’s here, it’s nothing like he expected for many reasons.

“I try everything once,” says Tams, 22, from Lethbridge, Alta. “The surprise has just been the talent in this pool and I just never expected it to be this good. Compared to other seasons, this talent is really good.”


Though Tams is confident in his ability to sing and perform well, he says it’s hard to tell how far he’ll get because of all that talent surrounding him.

Tams was so nervous to audition in front of the celebrity judges that he walked into the room with huge sweat stains under his arm pits – and they were noticeable.

“I sweat like crazy -- and I mean like crazy -- but I walked in there and they were like ‘you look really nervous’ and I was so nervous,” he says. “And then I sang … they’re like ‘yeah, that’s it.’ They were really supportive.”

That audition was probably the most nervous time for Tams, mostly because it was so unpredictable — he saw people he thought were getting through to the next round of the contest be sent home.

No matter what, being on the show is an experience Tams will never forget.

“The big thing I’ve learned is that you cannot go on that stage in this competition and not know who you are as an artist,” says Tams. “And I already know who I am and what I want to do… you have to go out there as if it’s your last day.”

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