Gluten-free beer, vegan entrées and quinoa may be poised to take over in Canadian restaurants this year, according to a new survey.

Ten up-and-coming trends were revealed in the first survey of professional chefs conducted by the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association.

With cooperation from the Canadian Culinary Federation, almost 400 professional chefs were surveyed in January and February by BrandSpark, a Canadian market research and brand strategy firm.


The chefs rated menu items and cooking methods as either a “hot trend,” “yesterday’s news” or “perennial favourite.”

The survey pinpoints the 10 up-and-coming menu trends as: 1. Ancient grains (such as kamut, spelt and amaranth); 2. Gluten-free beer; 3. Vegan entrées; 4. Organic alcohol; 5. African cuisine; 6. New/fabricated cuts of meat; 7. Gluten-free cuisine; 8. Middle Eastern cuisine; 9. Quinoa; 10. Non-traditional fish (such as branzino, Arctic char and barramundi)

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