TORONTO - Canadian fans of Michael Jackson expressed shock and sadness upon hearing of his death Thursday and predicted talk of his career and legacy will continue to dominate conversations for the foreseeable future.

Alana Copps was out shopping in Toronto with her daughter Ashley Williams when she heard the news and had to stop and compose herself after tears started flowing.

Copps said she grew up listening to Jackson with her mom, and eventually listened to his music with her daughter, too.

She said she was never one to become emotional over celebrity news but she felt touched when she heard of Jackson's passing.

Trevor Mulvihill predicted Jackson's death will be all that anyone talks about for the days and weeks to come, and joked that distraught fans may be reporting "sightings" of the pop star just like Elvis.

Mulvihill said that although Jackson's career sagged considerably in the last few decades, he will also be remembered for his great contributions to pop music.

"He hasn't done anything for 20 years ... but "Thriller" is one of the greatest albums ever," he said.

Others fans gathered outside the street-side studio of MuchMusic late Thursday to watch as the national music network went live with a special commemoration of his career.