TORONTO - Nia Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" says her L.A. home is like a "sleepover camp" for Winnipeggers.

The Winnipeg-bred actress and screenwriter says her parents, cousins and other relatives are streaming into California in advance of the premiere of her new movie, "My Life in Ruins."

The romantic comedy is set in Greece and features Vardalos as a tour guide who has lost her passion for life.

Vardalos says this film is very much in the same spirit as her breakout hit, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," in which she played a travel agent with a domineering Greek family.

Vardalos says nearly 40 relatives are coming to visit her in Los Angeles this week, nearly half of them from Winnipeg, and others are coming in from Toronto and Chicago.

"My Life In Ruins" opens in Canada on June 5.

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