photos by enza supermodel


Director and Canadian Film Centre founder Norm Jewison.

The Canadian Film Centre was the weekend’s hottest afternoon ticket as festival goers took a break from the late-night parties and ventured out during the day for some buns, burgers and beers. Not only was the food deliciously meaty but so was the Canadian talent that gathered to promote their films and themselves. Host of the backyard frenzy, Norm Jewison, let it be known that Canadian directors, writers, producers and actors know how to do it best.

From left, actors Evan Crowe (Starlight Tour), Sheila Pye (A life of Errors), and Bill Marchant (By the Hour).

Norm Jewison (centre) with the cast of Do You Want Me To Hit Him With The Axe Again, from left, Craig Brown, Vivieno Cacdinelli, Dan Redican, Rechna Varma and Ryan Blakely.

Actress Courtneay Webber and director Jamie Travis (Patterns 2 and Patterns 3).

Actor Russell Bennett, left, and director Emmanuel Shininan (The Last Bang).

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