TORONTO - The head of the Canadian Auto Workers says emotions are running high among its members at General Motors, as they vote on a labour concession package.

GM workers in the southern Ontario communities of Windsor, Woodstock and St. Catharines voted Sunday on the agreement.

Workers in Oshawa cast their ballots on Monday.

The deal slashes labour costs by more than $8,000 per worker, but protects wages and pension benefits.

CAW President Ken Lewenza says workers are feeling both anxious and relieved about the vote because it has been a difficult few months.

The federal and Ontario governments told GM it must further cut labour costs in order to get taxpayer aid that the automaker says it needs to survive.

The latest deal is the third set of negotiations between the two sides within the past year.

GM faces a June 1 government deadline to complete a restructuring plan or be forced into bankruptcy protection.

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