It was a tough year for many Canadians, with job losses mounting, investments falling in value and a new-found sense of frugality.

A new Ipsos Reid poll found that 65 per cent of Canadians said the state of the economy affected them.

Further, 14 per cent of Canadians said they personally lost their job in 2009, and an equal proportion says someone else in their household lost their job. It appears that, by the end of the year, some of those job losses might have been mitigated, with 14 per cent indicating that they started a new job in 2009.


Looking ahead to next year, 73 per cent agree that they are “optimistic that 2010 will be a good year for creating jobs and getting people back to work.” Just 27 per cent disagreed.

Thinking about their own personal finances, two in three agree that their “personal economic outlook for 2010 is bright,” while the other third disagreed that their personal outlook is bright.

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