Most Canadians are willing to take the plunge and move to a new province for work, according to a poll released recently.

About three-quarters of the people who responded to an online survey on the jobs website said they would move or would consider moving to another province for work.

“We’re seeing a workforce today that is increasingly willing to move in order to pursue new opportunities,” said Peter Gilfillan, Monster Canada’s general manager.

The survey asked, “If you were offered a better career opportunity in another province, would you relocate?”

Of the 3,217 people who responded, 52 per cent said they would be willing to live elsewhere and 22 per cent said they would consider moving, depending on the province.

Fewer than 24 per cent said they would be unwilling to move for work.

“Much of the interprovincial migration we are seeing has been to the West and this is expected to continue,” Gilfillan said, adding that statistics show Canadians are moving in large numbers to the region, which has been enjoying an economic boom thanks to its energy industry.

“But there is no doubt that as employers face increasing worker shortages across the country and beyond, we will see this migration trend growing everywhere,” he said Relocating can be exciting, frightening and overwhelming, the website says, listing 10 suggestions to make moving less painful:

  • Ask your employer about relocation benefits;
  • Pick the right realtor to list your home;
  • Check out your new home;
  • Plan to make a few preview trips;
  • Determine what you can live with;
  • Find a real estate agent in your new hometown;
  • Look into mortgage services;
  • Decide what kind of moving services you want to use;
  • Make your travel arrangements;
  • Attend to transitional details.