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<p>If you’re among those frustrated by the Canucks’ lack of activity when it comes to trades, you’ve got something in common with Dave Nonis.</p>


If you’re among those frustrated by the Canucks’ lack of activity when it comes to trades, you’ve got something in common with Dave Nonis.


The Canucks’ GM has been racking up a massive phone bill as he scours the rest of the league for some offensive help, but most of his inquiries are falling on deaf ears.


In talking to Nonis yesterday morning on the TEAM 1040, he informed us that he had contacted every single team in the NHL this week, but almost no one is willing to move a goal scorer.


Further investigation indicates that the lack of supply is driving prices up to ridiculous levels. I spoke to one insider with intimate knowledge of Canucks’ potential trade talks, and I was told that the asking price for a 25-goal scorer from another team was Alex Edler and a first-round draft pick.

That’s an extremely high price for a less than elite sniper who would not significantly increase Vancouver’s chances at making a deep run in the post-season. You can only imagine what the Leafs will want for a marquee talent like Mats Sundin. While Nonis is well aware that the current group needs an offensive upgrade if it hopes to be considered a contender, he isn’t willing to sell the farm for this year’s version of Brian Smolinski. Part of the problem is the earlier trade deadline; more teams believe they are still in the playoff hunt and are less willing to parts with assets.

Though he insists he is committed to improving the Canucks’ chances of winning a Stanley Cup this season, Nonis will be left shaking his head unless a number of teams fall out of the playoff race in the near future.

•While the NHL All-Star weekend leaves a lot to be desired, the league brass did get one thing right this year. The shootout competition will have a format similar to that of the NBA’s Slam Dunk contest, in which a panel of judges scores each attempt based not only on the result, but on creativity as well. This should lead to more “did you see that?!?” moments that will be replayed for months to come, but there is one concern. Given the level of respect that the young shooters have for some of the Hall of Fame-bound goaltenders, some are speculating that the youngsters may be afraid to embarrass their elders. Let’s hope that the goalies realize what a great opportunity this is to create excitement, not a commentary on their careers.

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