Cape Breton Regional Police are investigating the discovery of what appears to be a straight pin in a child’s Halloween candy bar.

Staff Sgt. Jerome Kelly said an officer was called to a residence in the Sydney area, Monday, after a grandmother found a small piece of metal in a Halloween mini-bar.

The woman had partially consumed the bar when the pin was noticed.


Kelly said the treat was given to a youth during Halloween trick-or-treating in Sydney.

“It looks like your regular pin,” he said. “The report said a needle, but it’s not an injectable needle.”

Police have seized the candy bar as evidence and are trying to determine where it came from. They are also urging parents to check treats and report anything suspicious.

On Saturday, an Annapolis County woman said she found a razor blade hidden within an apple that her child received while trick-or-treating in Melvern Square in Annapolis County and in Kingston, located in Kings County.

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