The province’s plan to end the Capital Region’s longtime squabble among municipal politicians seems to have hit its first snag recently.


After a report released by a number of counties that surround Edmonton, along with the Town of Redwater, Mayor Stephen Mandel said yesterday he’s dismayed that leaders in those municipalities are demanding no changes when it comes to addressing growth pressures.


“It’s really unfortunate that they have released this just before we are trying to move ahead with this new process on Thursday,” Mandel said yesterday.


The new provincial plan will encourage the 23 municipalities to form partnerships when it comes to infrastructure costs in order to address growth pressures in the region from a booming oil and gas industry.


“We are breaking through a 50-year impasse,” Mandel said. “The premier has stepped forward to ensure that we will deliver on a growth management plan and a new regional structure.

“We have things like tent cities, we have labour shortages and we all need to work together to address these issues.”

The report released calls for sharing costs when it comes to building needed infrastructure, while disagreeing with the idea of having revenues shared among municipalities.

The province says about $46 billion in infrastructure projects have planned already in the Capital Region and demands for more will be in the billions of dollars in the next few years.