Right from the opening notes of the wordy, but amusingly titled CD Captain Firebutton And The Thunder And Lighting 35, it’s apparent that these six guys, known collectively as Captain Firebutton, have an appreciation for orchestral sounds.


Their “theme” is a brief but spirited opening number that really sets the mood for the entire 14-track album — that being one of fun.


It’s a full meal for the ear, in that the songs are peppered with intricate melodies, surging horns, and jazzy piano lines, yet somehow they come off sounding clean and polished. It’s no surprise then to learn that the majority of the band members come from, or currently study, classical music. That formal training, combined with their modern influences and willingness to let loose in their songs, comes together to make a unique — maybe signature — Firebutton sound.


But according to bassist Cody Fox, guitarist John Weston and drummer Alex McFarlane — the half of the band that sat down one snowy afternoon to chat about their upcoming show — deciding to put full effort into the band and produce a CD was a relatively recent decision.

What helped the three, along with bandmates Ryan Brown on sax, guitar and vocals, vocalist and horn player Sean Keohane, and keyboard player Mike Paterson, decide to fully push Captain Firebutton was winning the Ottawa University Battle of the Bands competition.

“We realized, hey, we can actually do something,” said McFarlane with a laugh.

So, drawing from songs the guys had played live for years and new creations various members brought to the table, the band worked on getting the songs ready for the studio.

They just received the finished discs this week, and are thrilled to have something to offer the fans who have been coming out to their live shows.

“It’s very exciting to see something professionally produced and know how we all worked together on it,” said Fox.

“We’re each individually picky on our own level of what we want the music to sound like, so the finished project is pretty refined,” added Weston.

  • Captain Firebutton’s CD release show is tonight at 9 p.m. at Mavericks, 221 Rideau St. with guests Adam Cavanaugh and The Merry Monsters. Tickets are $7 at the door.