It is from previous success and increased interest that Mount Royal University’s Faculty of Continuing Education decided to add both black and white and sports photography to its spring and summer course line up.

“We’ve been getting a lot of interest in (photography) courses and we just felt it would be the natural progression to start offering other ones,” says Amanda Cerisano, the University’s Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension program coordinator for arts and design.

She says black and white is a hot topic, while sports has such a unique way about it to taking pictures.

Both new photography courses will take a maximum of 16 students to enable the instructor, who has yet to be announced, the ability to help each photographer-in-training during the hands-on classes.

Registration opened up March 8 and spaces are still available in each course, says Cerisano. “Photography always ends up being pretty popular, so we always tell people to register early.”

The new courses both have a prerequisite for those who enrol to complete the University’s Photography, Level 1 class first so time is not wasted on basic camera knowledge and techniques.

Cerisano explains the black and white class will use labs within the institution to alter pictures, but it will be done so the students can transfer their new knowledge to programs used on their home computers — there’s no need to purchase a specific editing package. This classes total 10 hours, which are divided up into the evenings of June 4, 5 and 9 for $189 plus GST.

The sports class will likely include a live event — hopefully one on campus or with free admission, says Cerisano. Students should be aware though of the chance their instructor may direct them to photograph a game they’ll need to pay an entrance fee for. This class takes place on July 16, 17 and 21 for $189 plus GST.

The institution is working on getting these courses offered throughout the year due to the popularity and therefore eliminate frustration for someone who doesn’t get in and has to wait another twelve months before the opportunity arises again.

Visit, call 403.440.6012 or email for more information.

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