People might be surprised to hear it, but motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of on-the-job deaths and injuries.

But even more surprising, according to police, is the fact not only are a lot of those due to “bad driving,” but some are also due to impaired driving.

“It’s not a huge problem, but impaired driving on the job does occur,” Sgt. Dominic Barbario said, adding the December Checkstop campaign netted charges against impaired drivers, including people who were working.

Since police believe most collisions are preventable, they are launching a new program offering employers free educational seminars for employees.

“A proactive approach to driver education can not only reduce lost time at work and employer’s potential liability, it can also reduce the heartache that goes along with such tragedies,” Barbario added.

Along with the seminars police are also unveiling their new anti-impaired driving trailers. The two trailers each have a car involved in a fatal collision to help Calgarians see the consequences of drinking and driving.

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