With the economy in the dumps, gas prices soaring and the environment on everyone’s minds, “car” is becoming a dirty word.

But there is a guilt-free scenario that lets Vancouverites get behind the wheel without breaking the bank or polluting the skies — which is especially relevant today on Clean Air Day.

Tanya Paz with the Co-operative Auto Network said car sharing is a practical, sustainable transportation option that lets members essentially borrow a car whenever the need arises.

Members pay as little as $20 to join and simply sign out one of 225 cars parked on streets around the city when they need one.

“We have to start thinking differently (about transportation),” Paz said. “Not owning a car altogether doesn’t work. You need (one) sometimes.”

She said when drivers have to book a car they tend to combine their errands and opt for walking, biking or public transit otherwise.

“This is helping keep Vancouver green,” said Paz.

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