Carleton engineering students are hoping for a top finish with their formula-style racecar at the Michigan International Speedway in May.

A team of 23 students will unveil this year's car Friday at noon in the University Centre at Carleton.

The car will be entered in the Society of Automotive Engineers' annual competition where it will be judged by industry experts and motor sport leaders on everything from design innovation to dynamic performance.


"We're hoping for the best," said Kody Hammel, a project engineer on this year's team. "If everything goes well, we're hoping for a top 20 finisher."

The competition is voluntary and is an extension of the fourth-year mechanical engineering project. Each year, the students are passed on a design from the previous year's class and expected to improve and create a new model as well as pass on a new design for the following year's project.

This year's event marks Carleton's 10th time competing where they have previously placed first in fuel economy (2007), fourth in marketing presentation (2007) and fourteenth for design rank (2005).

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