The inviting aroma of hot soup permeated Porter Hall yesterday as Carleton University kicked off its United Way campaign with the Bring Your Own Bowl soup lunch yesterday.

Campaign co-chair Maria McClintock said the quick, easy, portable meal is the traditional opener at Carleton because it makes it easier for participants to drop in during the hectic campus lunch hour.

The annual campaign, she said, draws the entire Carleton community in.

“We have our students involved, they volunteer and help us out and learn about the United Way. Our faculty and staff organize and participate in the events so it really truly is at Carleton a full community participation, so it’s wonderful.”

This year’s goal, McClintock said, is to raise $150,000 by Nov. 5. The campaign exceeded that same target by $36,000 last year.

Meanwhile, United Way Ottawa yesterday announced that they have so far raised $7,154,000, which is 21.6 per cent of their campaign goal of $33.1 million.

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