Like many Harry Potter fans, a group of friends and teammates will be camping outside the movie theatre Thursday night for the midnight premiere of The Deathly Hallows.

But when they’re not awaiting the next instalment of the popular series or reading the books, they’re dodging bludgers on broomsticks.

Carleton University is one of four Canadian universities to form official Quidditch teams, based on the magical sport from the Harry Potter novels.


“Just like in Harry Potter, it’s a very dangerous and physical sport,” said team captain Andrea Hill, a third-year journalism and biology student from Carleton.

Minus the flying, the gameplay is very true to the novels, with chasers throwing balls through hoops and beaters whipping balls at other players to knock them out.

The Carleton Quidditch team competed in the Quidditch World Cup in New York last weekend, but was kicked out of the tournament by McGill University.

“Many players had their knees bloodied and bruised,” said Andrew Nguyen, a third-year communication and sociology student.