President Donald Trump at the conclusion of his inauguration speech on Jan. 20. Reuters

Just as the number of protests grew as Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, so did the number of words searched in conjunction to his inauguration. released its analysis of terms that saw yuge, tremendous spikes as Trump took office.

Below are the site's Top 8 trending lookups on mobile:

Carnage — rose 1,753 percent
Behoove — rose 328 percent
Riot — rose 223 percent
Populism — rose 221 percent
Solidarity — rose 134 percent
Nadir — rose 68 percent
Impeach — rose 63 percent
Bigotry — rose 54 percent


“Carnage” spiked after Trump said that urban crime was causing “American carnage” during his speech.

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