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Carol Bryan before, left, and after her Style By Jury makeover.


What’s your first impression of Carol Bryan? She appeared for her Style By Jury audition in pleated pants hitched up too high, a pinstriped shirt topped off with a scarf, a pair of unflattering dark-rimmed glasses, and a lack of confidence in her walk that our jury noticed right away. Their first impression was that “she looks nerdy — like Steve Urkel’s sister.”

Carol was hurt by their comments but admitted there was some truth to them. At the age of 42, she definitely lives life in the slow lane, spending most of her time taking care of her tropical fish or working as a manager of a fast food restaurant. Her work attire is similar to her every day clothes, and one of our jurors wisecracked that “something about her outfit made me want fries with that.”

Carol hadn’t dated in several years, saying, “The beauty in me is somewhat restricted by the way I look.” She definitely needed a confidence boost, so we started her makeover by moving her into a luxurious penthouse suite at the Cosmopolitan hotel (www.CosmoToronto.com).

From there it was off to see our dynamic dental duo, Dr. Armaghan Afsar and Dr. Andrew Charkiw. First they gave Carol the bad news — she had severe gum disease and several loose teeth. Then they started her on a series of Periowave laser treatments, and later gave her a dazzling smile with eight custom made Pro Art dental veneers (www.pro-artdentallab.com).

Her next stop was at the Herzig Eye Institute for a laser vision correction treatment with Dr. Theodore Rabinovich. Then it was back to the hotel where she got a visit from image coach Mario Velocci (www.velocci.ca).

His goal was to make Carol feel sophisticated and classy, so he taught her to walk the red carpet, “because the people who walk it personify glamour, elegance, and poise.” His advice was to “walk like a winner” and repeat the phrase, “This is me and I’m strutting my stuff.”

Our fashion stylist, David Clemmer, thought she’d strut better in some new clothes, so he took her to Muskat Brown (www.muskatbrown.com), which specializes in fashionable, exciting clothing for women who are under 5’4” — just like Carol. He got her into some gorgeous pieces that showed off her beautiful shape, and made her look taller. “The V-neck blouse is perfect because it elongates the look of the torso,” he told her. When it came to jeans, he advised Carol to “try an extra-long hem on your jeans — it makes your legs go on for days.”

Then to top off her makeover, Carol went to see hairstylist Johnny Cupello. He gave her a weave that blended with her natural colour and texture, and added some height. When she saw makeup artist Korby Banner, he pointed out, “believe it or not Carol and I have the same nose: Round at the end.” To create a more sculptured look, he used matte brown and stroked it down the side. Then he admired his work, saying: “Now our fast food manager is looking McBeautiful.”

Carol’s seven-day makeover was now over — almost. While she was at the hotel, we had secretly sent a team of decorators to make over her bedroom, just in case she started having more company. And Velocci put a drink in her hand and challenged her to strike up a conversation with a handsome stranger in a martini bar.

How would she react to these final two surprises?

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