Carole James will not step down and hopes to lead her party to victory in 2013, the provincial New Democrat leader said on Wednesday.


Under her watch, the NDP increased its seat count to 36 in May’s election, up from 33 in 2005 and well up from the mere two seats the party held when she became its leader in 2003.


“I looked at all sides of the issue,” James said. “I looked at what would be best for our party, and most importantly, what would be best for British Columbia.


“The passion I have for building a pragmatic vision, the passion I have for getting past partisan politics is just the kind of work that needs to occur right now in the province.”

James said the election was disappointing and hard fought. There were lessons to be learned too, she added, including that fact that none of the parties captured the “hearts and minds” of voters.

New Democrats, she said, will now work to put together a clear economic message and vision for the province, which includes a strong environmental and social support platform.

“We need to do that within a moderate economic platform that will really show British Columbians that there is a positive alternative in this province, and that’s the work that we need to improve on from the campaign.”