Shigellosis cases strike Calgarians

Four Calgarians have been infected with the food-borne illness Shigellosis after eating contaminated baby carrots, the Calgary Health Region confirmed yesterday.

Sold at Costco, the Los Angeles Salad Company Genuine Sweet Baby Carrots have been removed from store shelves since an Aug. 17 shigella contamination warning from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

While Dr. Richard Musto, the CHR’s acting medical officer of health, said yesterday he doesn’t expect any additional cases of the illness, the region is still warning residents to be aware of the symptoms of Shigellosis.


They include bloody or mucous-filled diarrhea, fever, nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramping.

“In most cases, the illness is self-limited and most people deal with it themselves. Some people seek medical advice because of the symptoms, but no one in these cases has been admitted into hospital,” Musto told reporters.

There have already been more than 20 Shigellosis cases in Calgary this year, and more than 40 last year, said Musto.

“A lot of people probably don’t even seek treatment so there could actually be more. But again it just emphasizes the fact Calgarians need to handle food properly and always wash their hands after the bathroom.”

The carrots are labelled as a product of Mexico, are sold in 672-gram bags and were sold up until Aug. 13.

While the contaminated veggies may not smell or look bad, people should still throw them out, Musto said.


  • Shigella bacteria is most commonly found in food that’s been contaminated with water polluted by human sewage.

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