Hoping to munch on samosas, souvlaki or spring rolls on the street now that warmer weather is here? Dream on.

Toronto’s plan to cook up more diverse street food won’t be happening this summer as promised, though it was still being touted on the city’s website yesterday.

In what looks like a red-tape mess, the latest idea calls for 13 street vendors, mostly downtown, to start selling their non-hot dog snacks next spring. It would be part of a pilot project that would last five years so vendors who invest in specialized carts can recoup their costs.


“We have to micromanage everything,” said Coun. Case Ootes, complaining about how the plan turned out. “We should have focused on the food inspection issue. You set parameters for the size of the cart and then let the private sector do it.”

Last summer, when Health Minister George Smitherman amended provincial law to allow for a more interesting variety of foods to be sold on the street, Toronto decided to hold off on opening up the menu until a firm plan was in place.

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