Tireless and full of spunk, over 12,000 kids across Calgary are carving up the ice this week in the world’s largest hockey tournament: The 39th annual Esso Minor Hockey Week.

Even the littlest players are involved, with some teams playing three days back-to-back — a feat that leaves some parents a little short on energy, though the kids are excited to play in the tournament, according to one parent.

“It’s harder on the parents than it is on the kids,” said hockey mom Janice Holt, whose seven-year-old daughter Jordan plays on the Lake Bonavista Breakers novice team. “They’d play everyday.”

The Breakers were up against the Novice 4 Trails West Devils yesterday, and they all have another game to play today.

But the kids are willing to work hard for the sport they love because for the teams that place in the tourney it means bragging rights, said Hockey Calgary president Perry Cavanagh.

“It’s a great opportunity for teams that haven’t done as well as other teams to emerge as champions,” he said, adding even though at the novice level it isn’t competitive — all the kids get a medal at the end — it’s a good positive influence and fun for the kids.

Logan Oga-Crawford, 8, helped bring his Trails West team to a 7-2 victory yesterday at the Village Square Leisure Centre arena.

“My favourite thing (about hockey) is that you get to get active,” he said, adding that they’ve enjoyed playing in the tournament.

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