There will be a three-month delay in the case of a Calgary woman being sued by the State of Oregon for costs after her son was seized and put in foster care.

Lisa Kirkman and her legal team spent an hour in court yesterday going over the paperwork involved in the suit.

The state was represented at the hearing by officials with Alberta Justice who were acting as a “friend of the court.”

Kirkman’s lawyer, Daniel Mol, says many questions remain about the amount being cited in the claim and some information not on the file.

Kirkman, who is countersuing, says she is prepared for a lengthy battle. The case is scheduled to return to court on Dec. 14.

Noah was 10 when he was seized in 2008 during a summer spent visiting his stepfather, who wasn’t considered a legal guardian.

The boy had been stopped several times by police for riding without a helmet and playing in areas he shouldn’t have been.

Oregon officials said they became concerned when they discovered he had social services files in Canada.

But Kirkman has said the files were open to enable Noah to access mental health programs for his special needs, which include a severe form of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.