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Casey Anthony is the most-hated woman in America

Surprise! Many people are not fans of the Tot Mom.

Nielsen polled a bunch of Americans about who they hated -- because why not -- and the results are in! Accused child-killer Casey Anthony came in first, as one might expect. Sorry, Anthony! Better keep cooling your heels in Ohio or wherever.

But take a look at the rest of the top 10, and see if you can spot something unusual:

10. Howard Stern

9. Heidi Fleiss

8. Paris Hilton

7. Jesse James

6. Levi Johnston

5. Jon Gosselin

4. O.J. Simpson

3. "Octomom"

2. Spencer Pratt

Of those nine people, only one of them (James) has done anything especially hate-able in the past year. Nearly half of them haven't done anything hate-able in the past five years. This poses an unsettling question: Is America running out of new people to hate? Who will be brave enough step up and close the hate-gap?

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