Two teens accused of brutally killing a beloved family pet pleaded guilty in a Camrose courtroom yesterday.


Those in attendance heard the graphic retelling of the gruesome act committed by a group of teens on Dec 29, which was followed by a round of gasps and disgusted remarks.


“The cat was placed in a microwave for a substantial period of time,” said Crown prosecutor John Laluk. “The sound of the cat screaming could be heard, and after 10 minutes, the sound diminished and the cat died.”
In an agreed statement of facts, it was outlined to the court how the teens broke into a Camrose home through a basement window while the owners were on Christmas vacation.


After vandalizing the home, they returned the next night, this time, placing the family’s pet cat, Princess, in a microwave. Afterward, they wrote “You had a nice cat” and “It’s in the microwave” on the walls.


When the 16 and 17-year-old walked out of court yesterday, they were hissed at by a number of animal rights activists in the crowd.

Chris Millsap, defense lawyer for the 17-year-old, said that the plea was changed to guilty on two counts of breaking and entering, and one count of unlawfully causing pain and suffering to an animal, because the boys were extremely remorseful for the act.

“This has been extremely difficult,” Millsap said. “My client and his family have had to leave town, a town they’ve lived in for a long time. Leaving Camrose hasn’t allowed them to leave this behind them either.”

Millsap said that the youth has faced brutal harassment from other youth in the community since the crime.

“Sometimes the penalties you pay are not the ones in court,” said Voice For Animals founder Tove Reece. “The ones of the community can be worse, and are perhaps what these kids are looking at now. Perhaps they’re starting to realize what they did.”

The pair will be sentenced July 17. Two other teens charged in connection with the incident have pleaded not guilty. Their trial is set for November 17.