When looking for things to do in the Spryfield area, a lot of the opportunities revolve around recreation.

“There’s all kinds of trails through the woods, but the newest trail is right along the McIntosh Run,” says city councillor Steve Adams.

“It starts from River Road and goes right in behind the rink and the high school and the plans are to have that connected down to Herring Cove at some point in time.”


But the crown jewel of opportunities can be found at the Captain William Spry Community Centre, which houses a library, weight room and its marquee attraction, a wave pool.

“It was first developed in the mid ’80s and it was the first of its kind in Eastern Canada,” says Adams.

The pool features a four lane, 25-metre lap area and the waves range in height from .5 metres to 1.5 metres.

There is also a 6,000 square foot skateboard park located outside of the Centre.

Spryfield also has a rink, the Spryfield Lions Rink. Attached to it is a recreation centre, which can be used for a variety of purposes.

“It’s nearly full size for basketball,” says Adams. “… But you can play ball hockey, badminton, volleyball… and I know the Majorette cheerleaders all practice in there.”

For the bowling enthusiast, the Spryfield Bowlarama offers open lanes, league play and bumper bowling, but cosmic bowling on Friday and Saturday nights is a popular option.

“It’s black lights and disco lights and music,” says employee Sherri Merritt.

“We have a lot of things that glow on the walls and those light up,” she adds. “The carpet in the arcade is a glow carpet, so it lights up. It gives it a pretty neat effect.”

The arcade has redemption games, meaning players get tickets for playing and then can redeem those tickets for prizes.

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