Report focused on extremists

“The entire community has been characterized in that (report) as a bunch of terrorists.”



A recent CBC report focusing on extremism in the Sikh community has raised the ire of the World Sikh Organization of Canada, which will announce its response today.


“The entire community has been characterized in that (report) as a bunch of terrorists,” spokesman Jasbeer Singh alleged, adding the group is evaluating its legal options.


The two-part documentary included footage of Surrey’s April 7 Vaisakhi parade that showed floats featuring pictures of “martyrs,” including Talwinder Parmar. He was found in court to have masterminded the Air India bombing.

Other scenes showed young men wearing clothing emblazoned with the logo of the International Sikh Federation — a group Canada has listed as a terrorist organization.

Politicians including Premier Gordon Campbell, Liberal MP Sukh Daliwal and NDP MLA Penny Priddy attended the event.

Surrey-Tynehead Liberal MLA Dave Hayer refused to attend, and he told Metro Vancouver he thought the CBC piece was fair as long as it stuck to the facts.

“Ninety-nine per cent of the Sikhs in Canada are very honest, hard-working, good citizens who don’t support terrorism,” he said. “There is a small segment that does, because Air India happened here.”

Singh said violence carried out by people who happen to be Sikh does not reflect on the community.

CBC could not be reached for comment before deadline.