TORONTO - A month after cancelling "MVP," "JPod" and the critically acclaimed "Intelligence," CBC-TV has picked up two new series for the 2008-2009 season.

"The Session," produced by Temple Street Productions, is about a 32-year-old woman who can go back in time and relive the moments she regrets through the help of her mysterious therapist.

Erin Karpluk ("Godiva's," "The L Word," "Bionic Woman") plays the lead character, Erica Strange, while Michael Riley ("This Is Wonderland") co-stars as the therapist.

BBC Worldwide has acquired international distribution rights to the drama, created by Jana Sinyor.

"The Wild Roses," produced by Seven24 Films and Northwood Productions, features a family of women fighting for oil in Alberta.

The show stars Sarah Power ("Repo! The Genetic Opera"), Steve Byers ("Falcon Beach"), Michelle Harrison ("The L Word") and Adam MacDonald ("1-800-Missing").

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