A new three-year capital plan announced yesterday by the Calgary Board of Education outlines plans for 2009 to 2012, at a price tag of over $300 million and a new focus on more modernization than in the past.


In the last six years, only one modernization project, that being Western Canada High, has been approved, creating a backlog of projects.


According to the preliminary plan, which will be voted on by the board tonight, Piitoayis Family School is at the top of the list for modernization, with Bowness High School coming in second, the same way it did in the 2006-2009 plan.


The cost for this upcoming year is projected at $101.9 million and will include one replacement school, the Chinook Learning Services for adults to be built in downtown Calgary, and a total six schools will see upgrading.


Over the three years, 10 new construction projects are recommended including a middle school for the Royal Oak and Rocky Ridge communities and another in the Evergreen community, both with a potential student capacity of 900 spaces.