With Earth Day stickers and garbage pickers, Joe Ceci became a one-man clean-up crew instigator.
On a whirlwind, 12-hour, eight stop tour, the Ward 9 alderman expected to meet with over 1,000 Calgarians yesterday promoting his 22 Minute Makeover, a plan he poached from Toronto, encouraging folks to take 22 minutes out of their day to clean up around their homes, offices or neighbourhoods.
It’s the little things everyone could do, Ceci said, that will ultimately make the biggest difference.
“It could be something as small as refusing plastic bags at the store, but if we all do something, no matter how small, it would make the world of difference,” Ceci said smiling and flanked by 22 Minute Makeover Mascot Eartha, a foam globe wearing a peach tutu and dozens of Langevin science school students clamoring for their own piece of the Earth Day action.
“We use the slogan here that Earth Day is everyday,” said Langevin principal Sandy Last. “We have teachers and students and families who are very concerned about environmental quality and we do a lot of work throughout the year that relates to that.”

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