NAIT culinary arts students are being given the opportunity to get a little taste of celebrity chef Rob Feenie.

Feenie will be in Edmonton mentoring NAIT students as the first Hokanson chef-in-residence. “It was a good thing for us to do in so many ways, but more importantly in terms of this whole mentoring aspect,” said Feenie. “I’m just kind of reinforcing what they’re doing here already, but on a much bigger scale.”

Feenie was also interested in the program because it allows him to discover more about Edmonton and NAIT. “It gives me a chance to share with these guys a little more of what I do.”

The chef’s advice to the culinary students was to keep it simple and not to get a big head too quick. “I just want these kids to understand that cooking for me is about really loving it,” said Feenie. “If you don’t love it, there’s just no sense doing it.”

For one of the culinary students, being able to get insight from a chef of Feenie’s calibre was the highlight of the demo.

“It’s not everyday that you meet a chef who is somebody you look up to, somebody that you have a lot of respect for and who you’re trying to be one day,” said Isaac Otway.

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