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Celeb dentist says he was kicked off plane for joking about Trump deporting young Hispanic passenger

“It was just a simple joke,” he said.

Dr. Shawn Sadri was removed from an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to NDr. Shawn Sadri/Facebook

A “dentist to the stars” saidhe was removed from an American Airlines flight on Sunday after joking about President Donald Trump deporting a fellow passenger, The Washington Post reported.

Shawn Sadri, 35, was on a flight from Los Angeles to New York when a Hispanic boy ran down the aisle crying. When a flight attendant came to see what was the matter, Sadri told the paper he made a joke that the boy was probably crying because Trump was going to deport him.

“She said, ‘Don’t say that — that’s so rude,’” Sadri said. “It was just a simple joke.”

He then mused, out loud, that the flight attendant must be a Trump supporter, “and she said, ‘So what if I am?,’” Sadri said. “Once I said ‘Trump supporter’ and ‘deported,’ that was it.”


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The Iranian-born dentist was soon escorted from the flight after an argument ensued. American Airlines said in a statement a passenger on a New York-bound plane was removed “for being disruptive and not following crew member instructions.”

“I think all these facts played a role in it — the Trump deportation comment, me being from Iran, me looking the part and not shutting up,” said Sadri, who was put on the next flight to New York. “I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

Since Sunday’s incident, the New York-based doctor has been “getting so many hate emails right now,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I really didn’t want this to blow up like this, but I’m happy to stand up. I was born a Muslim, but I’m not religious, nor are my parents. We drink! We are very Americanized and happy to be here.”

Sadri counts “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul, Olympian Gabby Douglas and DJ Afrojack among his clients.

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