Paulistanos (people from Sao Paulo) enjoy going out, and there are plenty of cool bars and clubs to choose from.

Start your day with a walking tour to the streets of the old downtown neighborhood of Centro. Climb to the top of the Banespa building for a 360-degree view of the city (Rua João Brícola, 24). Then, dine at Spot, a trendy restaurant where the hipsters hang out before downing a pint of draft in one of the many open-air bars.


Budget: Casa Club Hostel
In the heart of bohemian Vila Madalena, this trendy hostel has a bar that’s popular with students from the University of Sao Paulo and neighbourhood regulars.

A private en-suite will run you about $75.


Deluxe: Fasano
One of the finest hotels in the city, the décor at the Fasano is inspired by the 1930s, with brown leather chairs and huge windows.

A one queen bed room will run you $700 a night.



Fogo de chão
Fogo de chão is the most famous churrascaria in Brazil. It serves churrasco — meat, poultry or fish roasted on spits over an open fire.



Salve Jorge
A typical boteco, where paulistanos (people from São Paulo) end their day and begin their evening. Retractable roof plus sexy crowd plus beer on dry ice equals party waiting to happen.



Studio SP
Mixing live music and street art, this place is an important spot for the new Brazilian music scene. Amongst the Brazilian and international artists that have played there are CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy).