Grandfathers in knee-high socks and fishing hats strolled around with children in tow, young fathers chatted while providing obligatory swing under-ducks, and Randy Schuba spread out a big black blanket.

Mother’s Day gets much more attention and accolades, largely because mothers “do most of the work,” said Schuba, who was celebrating his first Father’s Day Sunday at Prince’s Island Park with a couple new shirts and a card that are dwarfed in comparison to some quality picnic time with his young family.

“There’s no more quick get-aways to the mountains, though,” Schuba said as his 11-month-old son Joshua cooed and gnawed at the string of his purple helium balloon. “Being a father really changes your priorities, your perspective, absolutely, it’s quite the change.”


“It’s the little things, literally the little things,” added his wife, Maria, who suggested their inner-city oasis picnic day in the sun, as young Joshua giggled and reached for a book, the string still getting worked over by teething gums.

Hundreds turned out for yesterday’s picnic where ball gloves snapped intermittently, soccer balls bounced from foot-to-foot while others sat on the banks of the Bow River feeding ducks.
“I can’t think of much I’d rather be doing right now,” Schuba said.

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