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Keanu Reeves

As we begin a brand new year, I thought I’d run down the latest production news from Hollywood North...

Movies in town

Six features are shooting in Vancouver:

The Day The Earth Stood Still remake, starring Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates and Mad Men lead, Jon Hamm.

The X-Files sequel, with David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Amanda Peet and Billy Connolly.

Helen, the story of a talented professor forced to come to terms with her clinical depression, starring Ashley Judd and Goran Visnjic.

Personal Effects, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Ashton Kutcher, about a man trying to come to terms with his sister’s death after she’s killed in a car accident just before her wedding.

Traveling, with Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart, about a widower whose book about coping with loss turns him into a best-selling self-help guru.

The Watchmen, based upon the popular comic book about a group of past and present superheroes and the events surrounding the mysterious murder of one of their own.

Series currently filming

Three series are lensing in Vancouver: SCI-FI Channel’s Flash Gordon, ABC’s Men In Trees, and The CW series Smallville. Henry Thomas (ET) is also in town shooting a pilot for Fox entitled Under, which is the story of an NYPD patrolman unable to escape his shady past as a young thug who turned state’s evidence against the mob.

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Kristin Kreuk

Kreuk is Street Fighter

Vancouver’s own Kristin Kreuk — best known for playing Lana Lang on Smallville — will kick off 2008 starring as Chun-Li in the feature Street Fighter: Legend Of Chun-Li for 20th Century Fox. The film is based on the popular video game series, first adapted for the big screen in 1994 with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Twilight in Vancouver

Kristen Stewart (Into The Wild) and Robert Pattinson (Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix) are set to star in the feature Twilight, the story of a teenage girl who risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire. The film is set to begin shooting in Vancouver in February.


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