Celebrities make headlines daily for their philanthropic work urging others to get involved and do their part. The tween generation is a segment that is easily inspired by famous people.


Tween role models such as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are no exception when it comes to helping their communities and giving back. Although busy with their careers, these young stars still make time to volunteer and support charities.


Tweens — children aged 9-12 — are often unaware of the opportunities available to them and how easy it is to volunteer and get involved in charitable work. Parents can help their kids get involved by finding them initiatives that they can participate in. A good start for tweens could be volunteering at a local community centre or food bank, taking part in a park clean up or playing with pets at a local animal shelter.

Other ideas include
• Helping to cook or serve a meal at a homeless shelter;
• Adopting a senior citizen “grandfriend” and writing him or her letters and visiting;
• Holding a door open for someone;
• Recycling;
• Baking cookies and bringing them to a local firehall or police station.


Volunteering is a great way for kids to learn that helping others can make you feel like a star.