Forget silicone or saline -- the recipe of a recently busted fake "doc" is far more disturbing, and far less biodegradable.

30-year-old Oneal Ron Morris was arrested Friday and charged with practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury by Miami Gardens Police.

Morris, who was born a man but identifies himself as a woman, may have performed buttocks injections on herself and a number of other women, including one who wanted to work in a nightclub and went searching for cheap plastic surgery. That woman claims she found someone posing as a doctor who gave her a series of injections made up of cement, mineral oil and flat-tire sealant, according to the Huffington Post. The woman said she paid Morris $700 for the injections.

That woman was too embarrassed to confess to doctors what she had done, even after two hospital visits due to abdominal pain, sores on her buttocks and flu-like symptoms. Finally, she told doctors the truth during a third hospital visit.


Police said Morris was on the run for about a year, never staying in the same place long... until officer's spotted her black Mercedes and arrested her.

The lengths women will go for plastic surgery is pretty alarming -- and all for a bigger butt! We blame Kim Kardashian for this.

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