Whether laid off, recently immigrated, soon-to-be-graduated, or just plain frustrated with their current position, job seekers can find help at Centennial College.

At least twice per semester, Centennial offers Choosing the Right Career, one of multiple “success workshops” designed to help workers in a state of transition.

“A lot of people don’t have career-planning skills,” says Steven Ruhinda, a counsellor with Centennial’s career and counselling centre, who teaches the course. “Some people just go into a career because that’s what their parents wanted them to do, or they’ll be in a program and they’re not doing well. Others work survival jobs — they need to feed their family and now realize this is not going to take them anywhere.”

Many students who sign up for Choosing the Right Career aren’t sure where their programs are leading them, says Ruhinda, while others have steady jobs, but would like to change careers. “The course helps them assess their interests and skills in light of the changing economy, and then research the choices that are out there,” he says.

Each four-hour workshop begins with a self-assessment. “A lot of students haven’t put together an inventory of their interests, skills and values,” says Ruhinda. Once the students recognize their interests, counsellors help them create a list of careers.

“Each person is different and we try to customize a plan for every attendant,” Ruhinda says.

Feedback has been positive. “It’s better than just handing people jobs,” or showing them a list of programs, says Ruhinda. “You find out what you want to do and then we can train you in it, or if we don’t have it, we can advise you on a place that provides training.”

The number of classes offered per semester is based on the number of people who sign up, so no applicant is turned away.

The next Choosing the Right Career workshop will be offered on Feb. 21. The registration fee is $10. To sign up, visit www.centennialcollege.ca/parttime/InterestWorkshop.

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