Re: “Your year’s pay a day’s work for top CEOs” (Jan. 2).

The fat salaries enjoyed by CEOs is due to sheer greed and selfishness on their part and connivance on the part of our politicians. If not, why are the latter not making any mention of these fat salaries or any attempts to put a stop to this, but are just continuing to give the poor taxpayers’ money to resolve problems created by these same CEOs?

What food do these people eat which is extraordinary? Is it not the same small king-size beds they sleep in? Do they not fall sick or die as the poor? Why do they need all this money for if not because of greed? What extraordinary work do they do? It is true they strategize, they make decisions. But what is a good strategy or decision if the subordinates do not implement them? The CEOs should come down. It is just not fair.