You don’t want a new car because it’s too darned expensive, and you aren’t exactly wild about a used car, either, because it’s, well, someone else’s reject. So the answer for you may be a certified pre-owned vehicle.

According to the Lexus website, certified pre-owned vehicles “are the perfect choice for those who prefer not to purchase new or used. With rigorous inspections and an excellent warranty, CPO vehicles are as close to new as you can get.”

Most CPO vehicles at Canadian dealerships are late models with low mileage and are in above-average condition. These vehicles must exceed, meet or be reconditioned to pass stringent inspection standards.


According to auto expert Mohamed Bouchama, however, there’s only one real advantage to buying a CPO vehicle rather than a new one.

“You’ll save some money — depending on how good a negotiator you are,” Bouchama told Metro. “But be smart. Don’t let them sell you rustproofing or other useless things.”

Bouchama, director of Car Help Canada and a veteran media analyst, strongly advises consumers to not only negotiate prices with dealers but to also ensure dealers provide them with Car Proof Reports on CPO vehicles.

“Those reports will let you know if the CPO vehicle has been in an accident,” he said. “You never know unless you get that report. The dealers certainly won’t tell you. Sometimes, they don’t even know.”

car proof report

  • To obtain a Car Proof Report, it’s wise to contact Car Help Canada (, which sets up independent inspections at recommended garages.

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