My inbox is filled with e-mails from folks who are thoroughly peeved off at the CFL.

Example No. 1:



Without warning, the Argonauts have quietly decided to close the 500 section at the Rogers Centre where I’ve had inexpensive season tickets. Now they’re trying to force us to sit in a lower section, where ticket prices are much more expensive and the view is worse. The Argos are pushing their true fans around so they can make a fast buck off Buffalo Bills fans who don’t care about the CFL at all.

My disgust at the way they’re treating me and other hard-core CFL fans in Toronto can’t be overstated.

Jeffrey Tighe, Toronto

Example No. 2:


I’m a former Calgary Stampeder, released in June 2006. You talked (in a Wednesday column) about the new AAFL making it hard for the CFL to get talent. Well, maybe now CFL teams will quit chasing NFL names and instead be loyal to lesser-known names who prove to be talented.

I was one of those lesser-known players. I was on the practice roster, broke, the whole 2005 season. After injuries to other backs, I was activated for the Western semifinal. I ended up with 132 yards and a 40-yard reception. Calgary signed me the next morning for the next year. Next year comes, I lead all backs in pre-season yards and I figured I was good to go … I really loved Calgary. On June 7, I paid for my wife and child to fly to Calgary. Three days later, on my anniversary, I picked them up from the airport at 3 a.m. They had all our stuff and had given up an apartment in the States. My wife began to decorate my Calgary apartment. She was proud. I told her “Happy anniversary, and we did it!” Next day, I was released. An NFL-released running back, David Allen, took my place. I was shocked. My wife was devastated … She was there for all of six hours. I did more than Allen. Maybe it was (his NFL experience) that gave him more respect than me.

Your article touched me. Maybe, with the AAFL starting, the CFL will pursue and keep guys like myself, who actually wanted to be there. By the way, I’m currently in the Arena Football 2 League and will be in the AAFL supplemental draft Feb. 16.

Tony Stallings

Example No. 3:

Mr. York,


Sue Thomas, Ottawa

In three-plus decades as a columnist and broadcaster, Marty York has built a network of solid contacts and a renowned reputation for his hard-hitting, groundbreaking style. The tradition continues in Metro Sports.

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