“I consider [Michael Vick] to be a total scum of the earth, a disgusting human being, a cruel sadist and an embarrassment to mankind.”

Yes, we have seen this movie before. It’s lousy. And it’ll be tough to sit through yet again.


As the midway point of the CFL season approaches, the two Ontario teams clearly have resurfaced as the league’s dregs. They’re wretched.

Between them, the ArgoNots and the Pussy-Cats could score only one touchdown — ONE — in their games on the weekend. They’re pathetic. In their 16 games this season, Toronto and Hamilton have combined for all of three victories. They’re dreadful.

The West is best, the East is least. And so what else is new?

The plot is predictable. One of the Western teams will cross over and seize an Eastern playoff spot. And the CFL will then fear the worst-possible scenario — an all-Western showdown in Toronto for the Grey Cup.

• The CFL’s traditional parade of late-August cuts have begun with receiver Marc Boerigter being released by the Calgary Stampeders. He’ll likely be picked up by the B.C. Lions ... And don’t be surprised if Hamilton cuts, or at least benches, quarterback Jason Maas. Look for rookie Timmy Chang to start when the Pussy-Cats meet the ArgoNots in the Labour Day not-so-Classic ... Maas, actually, was traded to Winnipeg before the season, sources tell me, but was returned to Hamilton when he failed a physical ... And if you need numerical proof of the great disparity between the CFL’s divisions, consider this: Western teams produced a combined 162 points in their two games two weekends ago. Eastern teams scored 64 in their two games last weekend. Enough said.

• I was both touched and overwhelmed by the dozens upon dozens of e-mails I received from readers throughout North America who supported the views I expressed in my columns last week on dog-killer Michael Vick.

Editor-in-chief Jodi Isenberg figures the reader response was the largest for Metro since a furor months ago over the newspaper’s removal (and subsequent reinstatement) of the crossword puzzle.

Some readers’ thoughts on the Sick-Vick issue:

From Adrienne Smith: “God help those who essentially support inhumanity by supporting Vick (and I’m not even a believer of God!).”

From Lyn Lyn: “It does not take an animal-rights activist to see that what he did was barbaric and disgusting. How anyone supports him at all is completely beyond me. I hope that Vick does lose his career.

It’s the very least that he deserves.”

From Tina Peach: “I consider him to be a total scum of the earth, a disgusting human being, a cruel sadist and an embarrassment to mankind. And that’s even tame since I want to refrain from using rude language.”


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