A career in broadcast journalism beckoned for Chace Crawford until his mum encouraged him to capitalize on his good looks and try acting.

The U.S. star of smash hit TV show Gossip Girl is now a fully-fledged international heartthrob and rather enjoying it.

Unknown a few years ago, Chace Crawford, 24, is now a star to American teens because of his role as Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl. Metro met him in London.


Why is Gossip Girl such a hit?
There is no miracle recipe, but I think we have gathered a lot of good ingredients — a good scenario, a good cast and a good shooting in the heart of New York City. Also, it may sound sugary, but we all get along pretty well.

Do you have things in common with Nate?
I can identify with him, although he’s a bit too perfect and a bit humourless. It would be good if he robbed a bank from time to time!

Is Taylor Momsen quitting the show?
No, she will just have a break for a month or two to play music (with her rock band, The Pretty Reckless).

What’s it like filming on the streets?
It can be complicated in summer time with photographers all around and people stopping by to watch what’s going on. It’s not always easy to concentrate.

Is “jet-set” New York something you were familiar with?
Not at all. I grew up in Texas in a pretty simple community.

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