I’m moving at the end of the month. I’m also car-free and loving it. This means a little extra hassle, but I’ve managed before.

Growing up, I wasn’t in a hurry to get my driver’s licence. By society’s standards, especially suburban standards, this made me weird.

When I moved out, those standards were easier to ignore.

I was at the University on top of an LRT station, and this was my introduction to the convenience and excitement of living in a city. It was growing on me.

However, free rent for the summer sounded pretty good, even if it meant “finally” getting my driver’s licence and returning to Beaumont.

My mother informs me that I should be grateful for my suburban upbringing. Yesterday being Mother’s Day, I’ll start by admitting that it wasn’t all bad.

For instance, the town is only about 10 minutes across by bike.

It was quiet enough that I was allowed to ride or walk alone to school pretty early, whereas most kids in most suburbs would be driven. However, for anything outside town, the only option is driving.

Attempts were made to provide bus service twice, neither lasting long.

Low density, low population, and distance from Edmonton scared them away. For many, these are major selling points.

Unfortunately, a community that can’t support transit also can’t support the cultural amenities that make a city vibrant.

The substitute is more driving, and I can’t say I liked it. Four months later I was back on campus, and that was the end of that.

After completing my degree, I had to move. I’m not a huge fan of my current place, but the location’s almost as good as living on an LRT station.

Now when I need to go to a store or restaurant, I only have to walk about three blocks. Work is about six blocks away, meaning I can even walk home for lunch. Ten minutes by bike still gets me pretty much anywhere I need to go in town.

But now when I need to go further afield — which is rare — there’s transit to get me there.

Not only is this just plain convenient, it’s healthier for me and for those who would otherwise be breathing my exhaust.

Call me crazy, but I think I can do even better. So, with that, I’m readying my roller suitcases.
Wanted: one apartment. Preferably downhill.