More than 160 people lined up in the small Vancouver Island town of Tofino this weekend for a chance to appear as extras alongside Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black in a movie about bird watchers.

The big-name comic actors are set to star in The Big Year, a movie based on a book by Mark Obmascik that follows three avid bird watchers competing to spot the rarest bird in North America.

Film crews will be in Tofino between May 10 and May 15.

The casting agency in charge of selecting the paid extras started interviews half an hour early because so many people had already lined up.

“We started a little early because we had people here right when we got here,” said casting assistant Paula Ancil.

“So once we put down some tables, we figured we might as well get started.”

The filming is expected to draw more than 150 crew members to town.