Ousted candidate decides to run as independent





Controversial Craig Chandler has vowed to do to the Tories what they did to him — boot them from the Calgary-Egmont riding.

Chandler, who democratically won the Progressive Conservative Party nomination in the riding, later to be ousted by PC party brass, announced yesterday that he would run as an independent candidate in Calgary-Egmont.

Using such references to the Alberta Tories as “intolerant,” “Christophobic,” and “Stelmach is a Liberal,” Chandler expressed his disappointment with the party he once campaigned to be part of.

“I compared the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party to a house that had a strong foundation, a lot of character, located in a good neighbourhood, and merely needed a few renovations,” said Chandler.

“However, as we have seen, the foundations of the party are rotten and are structurally unsound — and the house needs to be demolished and rebuilt.”

Chandler also introduced four supporters yesterday — Jim Blake, Harley Shouldice, David Crutcher and Sid Helischauer — who plan to run in various ridings in the city and surrounding area — as independents or as members of the Alberta Alliance or Wild Rose Party.

“This (PC party) needs to be taught a lesson,” Chandler said, after the introductions.

Details of a $127,000 lawsuit against the PC party executive will also be announced by Chandler in the new year, along with the pursuit of a defamation lawsuit against an Edmonton journalist.

Chandler won the PC nomination in Calgary-Egmont by nearly 500 votes earlier this year before having the nomination revoked after a 2½-hour meeting with Progressive Conservative Party executives early in December.