As Ottawa city council awaits a Sept. 2 staff report on the Lansdowne Live proposal, attendees of SuperEX seem to have little appetite for changes at Lansdowne Park.

Lansdowne Live, which envisions a new stadium, shopping, dining and open air venues, does not include space for the EX.

Perhaps old habits die hard after 121 years of the annual fair, but any proposal to redevelop the grounds, or relocate the EX to its proposed new home on Albion Road, across from the Rideau Carleton Raceway, had few fans yesterday.

“There’s been some talk about moving it, but I’d like to see it stay right here,” said George Kozariz.

Valerie Tully and her friend Samantha Moran agreed.

“They should leave (SuperEX) right where it is,” said Tully.

“I don’t think they should change anything,” added Moran.

For Dominic Caruso, redevelopment of the Lansdowne site is fine — as long as they leave the Aberdeen Pavilion alone. The distinctive “Cattle Castle,” nicknamed for its long years as home of the EX’s agricultural exhibits, was built for the 10th annual Central Canada Exhibition in 1898.

“They can renovate the stadium,” Caruso said, “But they should keep some of the heritage.”

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